Aki Ariga

Machine Learning Engineer

Arm Treasure Data


Aki Ariga is a Machine Learning Engineer at Arm Treasure Data. His interests include developing peroduction Machien Learning systems, Machine Learning products, and ML Ops. He aims to leverage Machine Learning powers and technologies for business and social good.

He lead several communities at Tokyo such as Machine Learning Casual Talks, kawasaki.rb, and he is also one of the organizers of “Working Group of Machine Learning systems and operations for productionization” in Special Interest Group on Machine Learning System Engineering.


  • Machine Learning
  • ML Ops
  • Natural Language Processing


  • MEng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2008

    Nagoya University

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2006

    Nagoyua University

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RとTreasure Data

RTDとRPrstoを使ってRからTreasure Dataにアクセスしてみよう


さる5/30に『n月刊ラムダノート』創刊記念パーティーという名のコルーチン祭りを開催しました。 会の中で一番嬉しそうだった鹿野さん 同僚の Toru Takahashi さ

OSS / notebooks


Extract you tables in PDF into pandas DataFrame

Machine Learning in Production Wiki

Machine Learning infrastructure/architecture/operation for productionization

Docker Sphinx Recommonmark

Sphinx documentation toolchain, including latex and recommonmark in an Ubuntu docker container


tutorial machine learning or data science, written in Japanese


A template generates digdag workflows for SQL and Python


Unofficial Treasure Workflow Client


Simple R client for Treasure Data


Python/Ruby wrapper for KyTea

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